Oooppsss! He’s not yet done! 

Lola hobby time. #knitting

Hair is growing!! Two months no haircut!!! Dati above ears ung length ngayon covered na! I can do this! My hair is going to be long before delivery!!!! 😍 Long hair I can’t wait for you!




Update: I spent $334.75 on my parents because they want me to buy them a ticket to Arashi Blast in Hawaii concert…

(Long story short, they wanted to come along to Hawaii to tour around. Mom saw the news this morning (she used to be the manager of this big events company in…

Lucky you! Unfortunately I’m pregnant and not allowed to travel.

Ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh?! Congrats!!!

Thanks!!! Hahaha now I can totally say “I’m letting go of Sho” hahaha

I will be on bed rest for 5 months because of this very rare case of pregnancy.

This means….

Arashi time!!!